Jacqueline Alfonso Barry

I am a bicultural and bilingual (English and Spanish) psychologist. I believe in the innate potential of all human beings to reach their goals and live a life that is fulfilling; change can be challenging, but I am here to help. I am excited to collaborate with clients and help them succeed in making progress that is tangible, transformative and lasting. Clients often describe me as easy to connect with, warm, welcoming and non-judgmental, and comment about how safe they feel being honest and truly themselves.

  • Website https://azimuthpsych.com/about
  • Phone (617) 431-3749
  • Credentials PhD
  • Practice Name Azimuth Psychological
  • Practice Website https://azimuthpsych.com
  • Speciality #1 Life Transitions
  • Speciality #2 Grief and Loss
  • Speciality #3 Addiction and Impulse Control
  • Speciality #4 Social Anxiety and Phobias
  • Speciality #5 Mood and Emotional Regulation
  • Address 266 Beacon St, Columbus, MA 02116

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